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Name; Fearless
Personal DW; [personal profile] xxxfearlessxxx 

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The Eleventh Doctor
CONTACT INFORMATION Plurk @ DatFearlessChick
CHARACTER NAME The Doctor (allthecoolgear, Doctor Who)
Age 907
Gem Pietersite, on his left temple
Permissions Violence and light meta are fine. Willing to negotiate on other stuff. Romance him if you want, but he's a bit oblivious.
NOTES The Doctor is from what is basically an AU of the Real World. Most things that have happened irl, are something he knows about. He also knows some basic pop culture things, so if you do or do not want him to recognize you, please let me know. I will assume Not to Recognize unless told differently.
☆ Healing
☆ Fusion
☆ Telepathy

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Player Info:
Name: Fearless
Timezone: EST
Contact: Plurk at

Character Info:
Name: The Eleventh Doctor
Age: 907 (Supposedly)
AU/PG/CANON/OC: Canon from Doctor Who, end of Series 5

Key Points: 
  • The Doctor was born on the planet Gallifrey, dreaming of one day visiting the stars. At the age of 8, he was placed in the Academy, a school for budding Time Lords. He graduated in early adulthood, and then took the name The Doctor for himself. He then married, had children, and then later, grandchildren.

  • Tired of living on Gallifrey, the Doctor stole a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space, aka a time machine) and ran away to see new planets and times. He was branded a renegade, and spent many years on the run. Slowly, the Doctor became, not a rebel or a traitor, but a savior of worlds. After a great tragedy, the Doctor later became the last of the Time Lords.

  • Many years later, the Tenth Doctor was killed by radiation poisoning, destroying the inside of the TARDIS while regenerating into the Eleventh Doctor. He crash landed in the back garden of Amelia Pond, who had a scary crack in her bedroom wall. The crack was a crack in the universe, which the Doctor then closed. He then left Amelia, but promised to come back for her in a few minutes.

  • The Doctor reappeared later in Amelia's garden, but little Amelia had grown up into a big girl called Amy. The Doctor had only meant to be gone twelve minutes, but had instead been gone twelve years. The Doctor left again and reappeared, two years later, again not realizing more time had passed than he meant to. Amy then joined the Doctor in the TARDIS, as his traveling companion and best friend.
  • After one harrowing adventure, Amy was quite shaken, and thus Rory (Amy's fiance) was invited into the TARDIS. After a few more adventures, Rory was accidentally killed, and then erased from existence by a crack similar to the one in Amy's wall. Going forward, the Doctor was the only one who could remember Rory, due to his time travelling nature.

  • Following a note left by River Song, Amy and the Doctor travel to 102 AD, where they meet River and a Roman legion. Among the Romans is a soldier who, it turns out, is Rory, seemingly back from the dead. River called them there, not only about the reappearance of Rory, but also to investigate a mysterious box called the Pandorica.

  • Several races of aliens who had a grudge against the Doctor beamed down around the Pandorica, which was actually a prison built specifically to hold the Doctor. In the ensuing scuffle, Amy is accidentally killed, and the Doctor is shoved into the Pandorica. 
  • Because the Doctor was not there, River accidentally activated a trap to blow up the TARDIS, which went into a time loop. The perpetually exploding TARDIS caused the universe to cease to exist. Earth is now the only planet in the history of ever.

  • Rory lets the Doctor out of the Pandorica. To save Amy's life, they place her inside the Pandorica instead; it is said that there is no escaping the prison, not even by dying. The Doctor then uses River's time traveling watch, to travel forward in time. In 1996, Amy is released from the Pandorica. The Doctor arrives using time travel. Using River's watch, the Doctor saves her from the time loop that had kept her alive inside the TARDIS.
  • The Doctor, then pilots the Pandorica into the exploding TARDIS. The explosion would bring the universe back, but the Doctor would cease to exist; he would never have been born at all. The plan works, but the Doctor begins reliving his time stream backwards. He watches as his time flows back to the night he first met Amelia. He tells the girl one last story, and resigns himself to his fate.
  • Fourteen years later, Amy wakes up on the morning of her wedding. As the wedding reception gets underway, Amy suddenly remembers that last story the Doctor told, thus remembering him and restoring him to the universe. The Doctor appears, revealing his plan to have Amy remember him, and then takes the newlywed Amy and Rory off for more adventures.
The Eleventh Doctor was born into a burning TARDIS, having blow it up upon regenerating. Thus, his first few moments of existence were forgetting the machine was on fire, laughing about it, then trying desperately not to crash into Big Ben. He then landed not-so-gracefully in the back garden of one Amelia Pond, age seven. She invited him in and told him about the scary crack in her wall. The crack was actually a crack in the universe, which the Doctor closed.
He ran back to the TARDIS, remembering that it was on fire, and then promised Amelia he would come back for her later. Twelve years later, he reappeared, only to find that Amelia had grown into Amy. The Doctor left one more time, this time for two years, reappearing on the night before Amy's marriage to Rory. He finally made good on his promise to take her along in the TARDIS, and they left to see the stars, promising to get her back for her wedding.
They have several adventures together, inviting Rory along as well. They have a merry time together until Rory is accidentally killed, and then erased from existence by a crack like the one from Amy's wall. The Doctor, feeling guilty about Rory's death, then takes Amy wherever she likes to make up for it, even though she doesn't remember Rory in the first place.

They are then led to Stonehenge in 102AD by a note from River Song, a woman that always meets the Doctor in the wrong order. There, there is a box called the Pandorica, a prison said to hold the most feared thing in the universe. Guarding the box is a legion of Roman soldiers, among whom is Rory. Investigating, they learn that the Pandorica was actually a prison built to hold the Doctor; he is seen as the most feared thing in the universe. In the ensuing battle, Amy is killed, the Doctor is captured in the Pandorica, River accidentally blows up the TARDIS, and Rory is the only one left.

Rory released the Doctor, and they place Amy inside the Pandorica. The Doctor, having taken River's time travel watch, then jumps forward to 1996, where Amy alive. The Doctor then wires himself into the Pandorica, intent on driving it into the burning TARDIS, which has taken the place of the sun, keeping Earth alive despite the rest of the universe being destroyed by the initial explosion. The collision of the two machines would bring the universe back, but would erase the Doctor from existence as a result.

It works, causing the universe to restart, and rewinding the Doctor's time stream to the night he first met Amelia. He tells her one last story about his TARDIS, then removes himself from time. Fourteen years later, at Amy and Rory's wedding reception, Amy very suddenly remembers the Doctor, and restores him to the universe. Delighted that his plan worked, the Doctor then whisks the newlyweds away for more adventures.

This early incarnation of the Eleventh Doctor is a very bouncy, fun alien who loves to explore and try new things. While a bit eccentric, he's still very intelligent and resourceful, and able to find the positives even in the worst of situations. He comes across as a bit childish at times, resulting in recklessness and a penchant for playing with small objects (even if he doesn't actually know what they are). He's also quick to take charge of a situation and change things for the better. He prefers not to use violence, instead opting to talk out a situation whenever possible, but isn't adverse to using force if it's the only way out.

While on the outside, The Doctor seems like a sweet, loveable goofball, underneath, he's very much a schemer. More often than not, even though he's making things up on the fly, he'll have an elaborate plan to put into motion. He lies easily and often, hiding large parts of himself, and manipulating others, even at the cost of emotionally hurting his loved ones (though, honestly, he'd rather not).

The Doctor is also extremely impatient and easily distracted. If something is not done now, it's likely he'll just go do it himself, to keep himself from being bored. He has a poor concept of how time works, being a time traveler, sometimes forgetting which order certain eras go in, and forgetting what sort of social graces belong in which time. His curiosity sometimes gets the better of him, and he'll wander off to explore something new, despite telling his companions not to do the same. He talks with his hands a lot, and often twirls about on his heels to survey a new space.

Despite all this, The Eleventh Doctor doesn't particularly like himself, and is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his companions, or even just the greater good. He's ruthless toward his enemies, and would strike down those who committed horrific acts. He becomes even more vicious when alone, believing he doesn't need to show restraint if none of his friends are there.

Gem Considerations: The gem I've chosen for the Doctor is Pietersite, located on his left temple. Piretersite is associated with storms and the calming of them, and one of the Doctor's nicknames is 'The Oncoming Storm'. He himself has a bit of a turbulent nature, always being blown from place to place, and while he may outwardly appear calm, his emotions could do with a bit of that, too. Pietersite is also associated with protection, which the Doctor is well known for, and boosting self-esteem, which he could do with a bit of.

Power considerations:
  • Telepathy - The Doctor is mildly telepathic in canon, though generally has to be touching the person. This version would be boosted so he wouldn't have to be touching the person, but would still need to be relatively close.

  • Healing - Well I mean he is called The Doctor, after all.

  • Roulette Sword (Summoned weapon) - The Doctor is an accomplished sword fighter in canon, but the sword has a bit of a mind of its own. Usually, it appears as a normal sword, but sometimes, it appears as a big Buster Sword that he can't even lift, or a teeny useless dagger. No matter what, it will always be some kind of blade, but how useful it is is depending.

While the Doctor is Definitely Not Human, and can do lots of things that humans can't, he's never had what could be considered an actual super power. More than likely, he'll just be delighted by the fact that it's something new, but also a bit pissy that someones been messing with his biology without asking.


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OOC Information
Name: Fearless
Personal Journal:[personal profile] xxxfearlessxxx
Contact: Greystripe14 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
Characters Played at Discedo: Norway ([personal profile] mysterycross)


IC Information
Name: The (Eleventh) Doctor
Canon: Doctor Who
Timeline: Right after 'A Christmas Carol'.

Canon Resource Link: (The Show), (The man in general), (The specific incarnation)

Personality: Let's start with the Doctor as a whole, shall we?

The Doctor is an alien. Literally, he is from a different planet called Gallifrey, and he is what is known as a Time Lord. He came to our planet originally in a time-and-space machine called the TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. So, essentially, he is a time-traveling alien.

He stole the TARDIS while in his first incarnation, fleeing Gallifrey and going on the run for unknown reasons. He continued to run until the end of his second regeneration, when he was caught and exiled to Earth. After his exile ended, he began traveling through time and space once again, as he has continued to do ever since.

One of the Doctor's big things is that he can Regenerate, that is to say, he can change his form and personality, while retaining his memories, to save his life if he is on the brink of death. Outside the context of the show, this was originally implemented when the late William Hartnell, who played the First Doctor, decided to retire due to his failing health. The producers, not wanting to cancel such a popular show, invented the Regeneration process and replaced Harnell with the late Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor. This is a big reason why the show has lasted for nearly 50 years.

But ahaha we're not here for that, are we?

The point is, every so often the Doctor will regenerate, and he'll essentially be a different person with every body. There are, however, a few things that come across throught regenerations, things that are so essentially the Doctor. One of these consistant traits is his crazy, unpredictable, outrageous exterior that conceals an old, wise, serious man. While on a daily basis he could be considered childish and happy, when the stakes begin to rise, he can become cold and determined.

Another big one is his sense of compassion. He is extremely pasifistic, almost always refusing to use weaponry or brute force over the power of words. The Doctor is dedicated to the preservation of sentient life, human or otherwise, not taking life unless it is crucial, even going so far as to doubt the morality of killing the Daleks, his worst enemy, on several different occasions.

Nevertheless, he is willing to kill if it is the only available option to him, or occassionally in self defence. He himself reluctantly arranged for the elimination of his entire race, as well as every single Dalek, in order to end a war that would result in the destruction of the entire universe, leaving him as the last of his people. However, he is quite critical when his companions use deadly force.

The Doctor has an extreme dislike of weaponry, especially firearms, and will most often refuse to use them even when convenient. He is perfectly capable of using them, of course, proving to be a better shot than a good chunk of the cast. He will, however use weaponry (and sometimes things that aren't weapons at all) to bluff his way through a situation.

He has a deep sense of justice, and feels that it is right to intervene if the situation requires, which sets him apart from other Time Lords and their belief in non-interference.

Now, on the the Eleventh Doctor in particular. Though he is essentially the same person through all his regenerations, each version of the Doctor has different quirks and characteristics.

Eleven is an energetic, lively soul with a short temper and is, perhaps, a bit too arrogant, almost to the point of being ruthless (though it turns out to be a facade to hid his insecurities). Indeed, he possesses a playful, childlike quality about him, occassionally misjudging the consequences of actions. He's resourceful, can think on his toes, and is, very often, able to find the positives in a negative situation. He's very, very affectionate towards those he loves, and will become extremely agressive if they're threatened or harmed. If possible, he will attempt to leave his companions behind in a safer place to protect them from a dangerous situation. While he is usually quite cheerful and full of energy, indeed one of the most alien of his regenerations, he is much less forgiving than some of his previous regenerations.

Often, when in the middle of a problem, he will become quite reckless, but almost always there is a bigger meaning behind his actions. When thinking hard, he will tell those around him to shut up so he can think properly, even going so far as to tell a dying friend to shut it so he could work out how to save them. This is slightly at odds with the fact that he will think aloud when panicking or stressed. He likes to talk with his hands, making gestures and whatnot, and sometimes spins in circles while walking. He also likes to ramble on and on, to the point where it sounds like nonsense.

Unlike some of his past selves, he's quite inept at hiding his emotions, and indeed doesn't really see the point of trying. He will often show his anger or sadness freely to those around him. He's also quite fail at any and all romantic relationships, taking years and years to even become used to advances by River Song.

Despite all of this, he also posesses a certain amount of self-loathing, and does not think he is a good man. He claims he is stupid and selfish, and that he hates himself more than anything or anyone else in the entire universe, and he feels extremely guilty over ruining his companion's lives. However, he is also the person he trusts the most in the universe, and it has been stated that he will never, ever give up. He is selfless, willing to sacrifice himself for his friends or the greater good.

Perhaps because of his hatred of himself, he will sometimes show a desperation to be adored, even so far as to become a bit of a showoff. He likes to state unusual things as 'cool'. Said things are usually not popular, such as his fondness for bow ties and unusual hats (and will try to aquire such hats whenever possible).

Powers and Abilities: 
~Binary Vascular system (Essentially, he has two hearts. Allows him to hold his breath for longer than humans (aka respiratory bypass), pump drugs through his body faster and expel things from his system faster.)
~Regeneration (Can 'cheat death' by changing his face and personality and other stuff. Will likely be disabled in Discedo even without the chip.)
~Lower Body Temperature than humans (Dunno if this actualy counts as a power, but he can take being out in lower temperatures than humans.)
~Can absorb, withstand, and expel large amounts of certain types of radiation.
~Higher overall stamina than humans
~Can heal himself faster than humans (In cases of extreme trauma that does not effect him enough to regenerate, he'll enter a self-induced coma to sleep it off. Said coma can last anywhere from a few hours to weeks)
~Telepathic (Can read minds and shit. Can also see memories and also picks up on stuff easier. Most of this requires physical contact.)
~Resistance to temporal effects (Stuff like the changing of a timeline)
~Can see the fabric of time (Can see what he's allowed to change in the course of history and what must be left alone.)
~Minor hypnosis skills
~Can read an entire book by thumb-flipping through it.
~A bunch of other minor skills such as Football and Cricket, sharpshooting, singing, etc, but if I listed them all we'd be here all night.

If he's accepted, I might need a bit of input as to which skills the chip would effect and which it wouldn't.

What items will they be bringing with them to Discedo?
~Tweed Jacket
~Button-down shirt
~Braces/Suspenders/Whatever the hell they're called
~Sonic Screwdriver (Super Lockpicker, medical scanner, remotely controls other devices, tracking alien life, operate computers, and a bunch of other stuff. If approved, will probably arrive broken, though the Doctor will fix it soon enough.)
~Psychic Paper (Might just be faster for you to read the wiki on this one;

Posting Samples
Third-Person Sample: The strange man spun around, eyeing his new surroundings cautiously. This was most definately new, this... city. He thought it was a city. The buildings were all broken down and decaying, with things he didn't trust moving in the corner of his eyes, but it most definately had the air about it that people lived here. Or used to live here.

And look at that, two moons in the sky! It had been a while since he'd been on a planet with two moons like that.

He was pretty sure he'd never been here before, though, so first things first.

"Amy?" he called out. "Rory?"

He waited a moment for a response, then furrowed his brow in worry. Where had they gone? They wouldn't just run off without him, would they?

Well, Amy might. Rory would make her wait, though. And that was what worried him.

He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out the sonic screwdriver, popping it out with a flick of his wrist and pointing it at the nearest building. (Could it even be called that anymore? Looked more like a few walls with half a roof...)

Nothing happened. Not even a spark.

The Doctor's eyes widened. How in the world...?

Tucking the useless tool away, he looked a bit closer at the surroundings, hard to make out in the dark, and analyzed what he could, all the while worrying what had become of his companions, angry at himself for losing them so easily, wondering how they had ended up here in the first place. He couldn't remember landing the TARDIS here, coming to this planet. Had someone drawn him here? Had they kidnapped his companions and left him for dead in this broken city?

Obviously it was someone who didn't know who he was.

The Doctor took a step forward and felt something under his foot. Lifting said foot, he found a silver device shining up at him with a note attached.

He picked it up. "Use this..."

First-Person Sample: [VIDEO]

{Hellooooooo, Fortuna! There is now a face on your screen! Maybe he's familiar to some of you, or maybe he's a complete stranger, but either way he'll be quite pleased to see anyone friendly.}

Hello, I've been told to use this! I'm fairly certain it's some sort of communication device, although you can never be sure with alien tech, can you? I'm hoping I'm right, because otherwise I'd be talking to myself. Again. {He looks slightly sheepish about the last bit.}

Anyway, I'm looking for my friends, and I'd be really grateful if someone could tell me where they are! I mean, I'm sure they can take care of themselves, but I'd really rather know where they've got to.

I'm the Doctor, by the way! That's what people call me, anyway. Not really sure why.

Thanks, all!

{He goes to turn off the camera, but fumbles it a bit before managing.}



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